Today, STEM Advancement Team members enjoyed an engaging conversation with Chris RennerSummit Education Foundation's dynamic founder and Kelly Sanders, the powerhouse organizer of the "Big Buzz Off", SEF's inaugural fundraiser.  The Chris and Kelly team...plus all the other SEF Board and volunteers, pulled off a "fairytale fundraiser" and brought in over $40K for  Summit School district technology purchases!  Nice  work!!

The reason for the conversation???  STEM  Advancement team members see SEF as an ideal partner to create a winning
proposal for funding from The Summit Foundation (TSF) our local community foundation.  TSF is offering $150K over three years to "an innovative project" which can make a difference for a broad spectrum of the community.  What fits the bill better than creating STEM educational opportunities for all students and teachers in our community?  

10/23/2013 02:07:46 am

Great site, did I read this right that its free from Weebly?


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