Hans met with Jim Aiken, President& CEO and Andy Robertson, Chief Technology Officer, on Monday to explain the aim and status of our SUMMIT STEM initiative. They would like to be invited to one of our meetings, and might want to become involved. At present, they offer two $1500 scholarships to the technically most promising high school students in Summit. They offered several ideas on how to 'develop a draw' for students to take more interest in the sciences. Exciting STEM programs, inspired teaching models, student field trips, meeting with the scientists who come here for conferences, having lunch with Nobel Laureates, as well as attending some of their sessions. We were of one mind about the need to accelerate STEM education, a challenging goal with funding cuts, too much science education being boring and not enough role models to inspire young people to tackle the rigors of STEM. Keystone Symposia would make an excellent partner in our program.

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