On Friday, June 10, Hans Kuschnerus met with Colorado Mountain College Trustee Dick Bateman, to familiarize the CMC leadership with our Summit STEM program, with an eye on future partnership. No specific collaborations were suggested at this time.

Dick had already researched STEM efforts in the US, and explained how this nationwide collage of STEM initiatives is being driven out of Washington, DC. He suggested several contacts in CMC who he thought would be the best front-line people for us to work with. He also familiarized Hans with the Breckenridge facility and described several existing programs and initiatives that are STEM oriented, including:
  • CMC has the most advanced interactive video facilities in Colorado (in most of their class rooms) 
  • A CMC - School District - CU partnership to offer (at present 80) middle & high schoolers a college-prep curriculum roadmap
  • CMC's plans to expand to selected 4-year degree programs
  • The need for more Science & Technology  laboratory equipment
  • Consideration of a pre-engineering curriculum
Since Summit STEM is in the process of forming a partnership with the School District, we implicitly will also be forming a partnership with CMC. Specifics will have to be worked out.

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