Last night our team attended a school board meeting and got the chance to formally present the direction and desires to help the school district. Kathryn presented while we all sat in attendence to field any other questions and show support for our STEM initiatives. School board members astutely asked several questions and we all agreed that STEM concepts needed to be explored to serve the students best. A couple details surfaced repeatedly:

1) How to make this a financially sustainable venture for the school district over many years.
2) Adding to the plates of teaching staff in addition to current duties would not be feasible.
3) Board members embraced our vision to reach out to ALL students in the district.

Connecting with the School Board for the first time was exciting. We finished the evening even more motivated and inspired to help our community.

On Friday, June 10, Hans Kuschnerus met with Colorado Mountain College Trustee Dick Bateman, to familiarize the CMC leadership with our Summit STEM program, with an eye on future partnership. No specific collaborations were suggested at this time.

Dick had already researched STEM efforts in the US, and explained how this nationwide collage of STEM initiatives is being driven out of Washington, DC. He suggested several contacts in CMC who he thought would be the best front-line people for us to work with. He also familiarized Hans with the Breckenridge facility and described several existing programs and initiatives that are STEM oriented, including:
  • CMC has the most advanced interactive video facilities in Colorado (in most of their class rooms) 
  • A CMC - School District - CU partnership to offer (at present 80) middle & high schoolers a college-prep curriculum roadmap
  • CMC's plans to expand to selected 4-year degree programs
  • The need for more Science & Technology  laboratory equipment
  • Consideration of a pre-engineering curriculum
Since Summit STEM is in the process of forming a partnership with the School District, we implicitly will also be forming a partnership with CMC. Specifics will have to be worked out.
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Summit STEM: Our  Mission
Enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) educational opportunities for Summit County’s students, teachers, and families.

Summit STEM Programmatic  Possibilities
- Complete an analysis of possible gaps in Summit School District’s current STEM curriculum. 
- Research teacher’s and student’s STEM curriculum and support needs and design programs to fit the needs.
- Obtain and implement STEM classroom kits (including teacher training and/or co-teachers for support) for all levels tailored to fit current district needs and curriculum.
 - Initiate new before and after school programs (introduce Lego FIRST) and enhance existing programs with STEM resources.

See the first year program goals here:
Summit Education Foundation Partnership
The Summit Education Foundation agreed to partner with Summit STEM to obtain seed money and develop STEM. Our first joint project is a grant proposal for The Summit Foundation Special Initiatives Fund, due June 1, which would bring $150,000 over 3 years. We’ll know if we won the grant on October 1.    
CSU Collaboration
CSU STEM ( has agreed to partner with Summit STEM by providing curriculum design assistance, measurable outcomes assessment, and their years of expertise in developing STEM resources in public schools. See the full blog update here:
Volunteer Teams to be Organized in Late June.
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help Summit STEM become a reality. In late June, we’ll be contacting you and organizing teams that fit with your interests and skills.


Summit STEM Advancement Team
Summit County STEM Advancement Team
PO Box 5475 Frisco, Colorado 80443
(970) 376-5437

Huge Kudos to the crew at SEF!
Here is a copy of their newsletter describing impressive Achievements and Goals.

First Year Accomplishments / Funds Raised

 - Initial Launch / Back-to-School Funding for Teachers, over $38,000
- Support for 3B Mill Levy Campaign, over $2,000,000 annually
- Online Access for Everyday Math, $14,136
- Net income from Spelling Bee / MINI Cooper, over $57,000

In our first full year of existence, we've raised over $100,000 in funding for our schools, and the momentum is only  increasing!
$10,000 Innovative Projects Fund
SEF is proud to announce the availability of a $10,000 Innovative Projects Fund made possible by the F3 Foundation, led by the Finkel Family. Funding is available for projects between $500 and $2,500 that demonstrate academic enrichment, innovation, & creativity, and can benefit a classroom, whole grade, or the entire school. We are accepting applications through 9/16/11 and  will announce grants on 10/14/11 for projects to be funded during the 2011-2012 school year. More details can be found on our website at

STEM Partnership - Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics
In partnership with the Summit School District & CSU, we are working to bring Colorado State University's newly-created "CSU STEM Department" to Summit Schools, providing exciting opportunities for our students, teachers, and families. "Summit STEM" has recently formed to organize this effort, seeking the Summit Foundation's upcoming Innovations Grant of up to $150,000 over the next three years. You can read more and get involved at

Thanks for your continued support, and have a great summer! 
Chris Renner
Summit Education Foundation